Promoting culture and art creating a brand culture

Since it was founded, Shin Kong Place has done its utmost to promote cultural activities. Each year we share a more cosmopolitan vision of life with the public through numerous cultural exhibitions, traditional local arts shows and various thematic exhibitions. In order to further promote local cultural industries and create a uniquely distinctive ambiance, we have brought Taiwan's local arts and culture into our fashion spaces which provides shoppers the opportunity to see the beauty of local culture

2015 "Elephant Show"; A Gift for Mid-Autumn Festival

2015 Mix Space; The Beauty of Boxes

2015 Getting Close to Wu Ying's Fantastic World [I Sold My Dream]

2015 Suzhou Scenery; Suzhou Unique Scenery Exhibition

2015 Suzhou Scenery; Suzhou Unique Scenery Exhibition

2015 Cao Yun/Chen Dongwei Joint Art Exhibitions [Fairyland]

2015 Tung-Shing Wu Photography Exhibition [In the Clouds]

2016 Return of the Master——Classic Embroidery Exhibition