Superior department store for all our customers

We have made Shinkong place a superior department store for all types of customers. We firmly believe in using attentive, professional management to create a varied department store platform, and we are constantly improving customers’ shopping experience by means of products, services, activities, and spaces.

Deepening our service items

From 2009, Shinkong place re-integrated its products as 14 major product types (in its product hierarchy). Thanks to attentive professional management, we have broadened our product lines and deepened our services. In accordance with their positioning and customer attributes, each of our stores selects an optimal combination of products from our 14 major product types, enabling it to meet the needs of all levels of customers. This has also created differentiation among our department stores and enhanced our competitiveness. We have further strengthened the professional skills of our personnel in each product type as we have deepened our products and services. Our 14 chief service items consist of luxuries, beauty, women’s accessories, lingerie, women’s apparel, leisure and lifestyle, men’s goods, kits goods, home, Beautiful market, food and beverage, and programs, mixed use , service Form and events.

Diverse fine dining experiences

We offer authentic local food, exotic cuisine, all kinds of sweets, and local gifts. Our food arcades and restaurants provide a vast array of fine foods for customers’ enjoyment, and our supermarkets have acquired more than 20,000 kinds of everyday products and foods from around the world. Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi is the best choice for those who like to savor delicious food and enjoy gracious living.

Friendly service

In a first for the industry,we have assigned "customer service guidance personnel" responsible for maintaining and supervising service quality, and our floor managers are always ready to resolve customers shopping problems. At the same time, we are constantly reviewing our services and rely on strict discipline to ensure that we can let customers experience life as it should be lived.

Refined lifestyle spaces

In contrast with ordinary department stores, all our major business operations, including building design, planning, and vendor recruiting, are conducted on a team basis. The opening of each of our branches displays our experience, values, and accurate execution. With regard to deepening our service range, we make sure that our music, environment, lighting, lines of movement, and landscaping—apart from making our stores more attractive—all reflect our attention to planning and design, and enhance the quality of our service functions.

Safe and secured shopping space

Our spacious selling floors were designed to provide a clean and enjoyable shopping experience for all. In addition, we aim to keep our selling spaces safe and secured.