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Company Profile

Taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (SKM) was established in 1989. From 1991, when its first outlet began operation, to 2013, by which time it had expanded to 13 shops and 22 centers around Taiwan and continuously held a leading rank on the Top 500 department stores in the service sector for many years according to Common Wealth Magazine, Taiwan. Through 20 years of operation and development, SKM has become one of the most valuable department stores in Taiwan. In 2007, SKP Beijing became SKM’s first high-end department store in Mainland China. In the future, Shin Kong Place will run stores in Suzhou Park, Jiangsu Province; Wenjiang, Chengdu, Sichuan Province and Yubei District, Chongqing, to solely operate Shin Kong Place Suzhou, Shin Kong Place Chengdu and Shin Kong Place Chongqing projects.

Over the years, SKM’s foresight in "Creating Business Circles" and "Moving Business Circles" has been obvious to people. Many business circles where SKM stores stand have witnessed rapid expansion from nothing, local business has prospered and booming businesses have been created. It has now become a brilliant region to where many excellent enterprises have decided to enter. In the future SKM will still follow the business philosophy of “Customer First, Service with Heart and Honesty”, and stick to its core values of “Steadiness, Pragmatism, Diligence, Honesty, and Trustworthiness. ”To expand its business in the Mainland.

Now, with the business expanding, we offer the positions as mentioned above. If you are interested in joining Shin Kong Place, please send copies of your educational certificate and ID Card, an up-to-date photo of yourself and resume (with details of experience) as well as relevant information to skm_suzhou@163.com. Your email should specify target position + name. (For example: [Applying for] Customer Service Officer, Wang Xiaoli). We will notify you separately of the time for the writing test and interview, and refuse any call or visit (no résumé received will be returned). Our company will provide the recruited members with a sound training system and career development opportunities.

Entry to SKM: http://www.skm.com.tw/

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